Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something beautiful from scraps... [take 2]

Today I went through Sydenham
which is the part of town nearest where I live
and took some photos of my latest creation!

The sky was grey and it's freezing cold
and sadly there are a lot of fences for photographing quilts
in Sydenham. So many empty spaces.

I made this quilt yesterday.
I found a bunch of scraps in a bag,
and madly sewed them together
cut them into 12.5 inch squares, sewed them together
and quilted it in straightish lines.

It's a wee burst of colour.
The lines are a bit crooked and there may be tucks on the back
but Annie-Rose loves it (mine, mine)

Proving once again to myself that you can make good things
from left over bits.

To be sure it's a lesson we need to learn over and over again
here in Christchurch as the rebuilding process begins.


  1. wow! I can't believe you "just made that yesterday" !!! like you just whipped up a batch of muffins. haha
    you are seriously awesome deb. Love how you are photographing them on the fences comforting chch with pretty love
    looking forward to catching up with you again thurs :)

  2. A beautiful splash of colour!!!

  3. Love the way you whip up those quilts so fast I need some of that motivation here

  4. You are a very talented quilter..... it's lovely.

  5. this is gorgeous...i was just thinking of making something like that today...just grabbing out my favorite scraps and making whatever

  6. Wow its great, amazing what you can do on a whim. x

  7. what a wonderful analogy Deb, and if you can do that in a day, just imagine then what Christchurch can do in 1, 2 or 10 years then!

  8. I am crazy in love with this quilt--and the time you used to wildly pull it off and the way you scooped up broken bits to make a pretty thing. It's like a poem in that way.

  9. Gorgeous Deb. Your eye for colour and proportion is very much in evidence and I love that you had a photoshoot down Colombo St


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