Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes you don't feel like one of God's favourites, but then...

well you don't have days like that??
You know the ones where the littlest 
has been sick for too many days
and way too much other stuff going on??

But then today a parcel arrived in the mail
from my cousin Fiona.

Filled with things that I love,
a cool bag...

a hand knitted cardy, 
chocolate and the Mollie Makes magazine.
I felt so loved.

Thank you so much Fiona,
for reminding me that I am loved!!


  1. Lucky you, aren't unexpected parcels in the post the best!?!

  2. oh me oh my you got the Molly Makes magazine! you are so lucky!
    Did you get my emails with the sign ups for Thrifty Tin Swap?
    When/How should we allocate partners?

  3. Cool! That mag looks awesome!! Yay for you Deb!

  4. we re so there with the sick one of late...finally all back at school...tis the season sadly...hope litttle miss gets better soon and enjoy your parcel...never heard of that

  5. you are always loved.... but i know what you mean about not feeling it some days! ... i did have a sneaky peek at the mag before i sent it to you.... love the crocheted bicycle thingys (are they tyre guards?).. just need a blue bicycle and im laughing! hope annie rose is feeling better soon xxx

  6. Oh yeah - I have days like that! Your mail would have cheered me up too -lucky you! :)


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