Monday, June 20, 2011

By request...

after my last post a few of you wanted to know
where the good opshops are!
I actually think the key is to have one or two
and go regularly.
That way you get to know what they have
and where it is, and can spot a treasure.
My current two favourites are the Eco Store
(formerly SuperShed) on Blenheim Road,
but you need to go at 9am.
And the Salvation Army shop on Southampton Street.
There's also an excellent City Mission on Buchan Street.

They are my regulars anyway.
Pictures sourced from the net,
click on the picture to find it's source.

My city is still in ruins.


  1. Thanks!!!! I'll check these all out in the next week or so! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing - I can recommend Savemart in New Brighton also. But shhhhh.......... don't tell too many people LOL.

  3. southhampton is our fav - I saw a mutual pc friend there today too lol. scored another 2 puzzles...we are on a roll ;)

  4. bit far for me o o...hee hee hee...sad photos...that car sinking...saw that on the news...what a horrible thing the mud gush things are...i forget the word for them...take carexxx

  5. *sigh* I had not forgot about the terrible earthquake in Christchurch but I guess I have put from my mind that your home is still a disaster zone. Thank you for posting the photos to jog my mind. I will continue to pray and send love to all of that have had their lives devastated by this.

  6. Those pictures are very sad.

    I love seeing the treasures you find in op shops!

  7. Thanks for that!
    I went to the Salvation Army on Lincoln road yesterday-cheapest opppy I've been in in ages and the staff are brilliant-when my little one started whining they said "fling her in the giant box of cuddly toys she'll love it" she had a ball in there and then they fed her with biccies and gushed over her cuteness-great service aye!

  8. I went Op Shopping today!! I hope you're proud of me, haha, I'm not usually accustomed to shopping, let alone through second hand goods!

    I went to the Ecostore today (not at 9am though - why did you say that?) and got myself 5 pairs of knitting needles :) I didn't really see anything else I wanted, but I'm sure I would have if I had a good look. SO CHEAP!!!

    thanks :D


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