Thursday, June 2, 2011


Loving these autumn colours right now
especially in snuggly crocheted blankets

Here's some more in this thrifted tapesty
can you believe someone parting with this?

Wee birdie tail feathers

Humpty dumpty in his green pants.

Isn't it funny how one colour will catch your eye for a while.
What colour is catching your eye at the moment?


  1. Pink Pink Pink always pink in my home ::)) with the occasional splash of red :)

  2. I'm with you - mine is green! Hence the green shades in the far!

    Soft greens

  3. Usually green but I've had inclinations towards orange and purple of late but I've wisely kept my cutters out of the fabric until I find just the right thing to make with these colours.

  4. love the birdies, so gorgeous!
    .... slightly obsesed with things on the yellow/orange spectrum at the mo... i blame it on the sunshine cos i never wear yellow or orange!.....come winter i'll be back to purple/red....... xxx

  5. love your finds and i am totally obsessed with turquiose...have a good one...xx

  6. oh those little birds are so gorgeous!!! my eye is always caught by bright and, green, orange!!!


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