Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's not just the water and food you need in an emergency...

Last Monday as I camped on the deck with the small children
and made forays into the house and garage for things we needed
I realised we didn't just need hot tea and food
we needed some comfort as well.

I have an enormous cupboard of quilts
by the door that I can grab for sitting on and wrapping ourselves in.

I have a bunch of plastic cups by that cupboard
all ready for drinking.

I have a drawer right by the door with the radio,
the wipes the candles and such like.

The hand sanitiser just lives right by the door all the time.
What I'm going to make now is a pretty bag
(decorated with my Scout badges)
and fill it with goodies to comfort and entertain the small people
and keep the big people busy
while we wait for time to pass
and the ground to stop shaking
next time there is a big aftershock.

I'm going to put in:
a game
pens and paper for both children
sweets and chocolate
knitting needles and lovely wool for me
(I think it helps the children to see mum doing something
normal and being all calm!!)
a book to read to the children
a couple of toys

For if the events of the last 9 months
have taught us anything,
it's that this is the new normal for us now!

Being prepared is for the smart kids.


  1. Great idea!I love the fact that so much stuff is at the door already, it kind of makes it feel normal but you are prepared at the same time!

  2. my emergency kit has knitting in it ;)

  3. great idea. I hope you guys get some relief from all of this soon. It is unimaginable.

  4. Well, I think you've belatedly earned your scout batches with your organisation skills. I've seen plastic stacked drawers and sometimes cane stacked baskets in a frame with wheels on the bottom at some supermarkets and occasionally at home stores. I don't know if they are as common on your side of the ditch but it would probably put everything in one movable place.
    Stay safe, stay positive,
    Hugs RobynK

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Hope last night wasn't to rough for you, I for one didn't get much sleep!

  6. Mother Nature, this family and this city have had ENOUGH. Cease and desist immediately.

  7. Thinking of you all down there. I think your fun emergency bag sounds awesome! especially with the boy scout badges on it :-)

  8. You so are a smart kid! Looks like Monday really messed up your place. xx

  9. is there any kind of care package i can send you from the states? i want to help in some way,


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