Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living in the red zone...

As I write this our Prime Minister
is announcing what will happen to the badly damaged parts 
of Christchurch.

I hope that the home owners of the Red Zone
feel like the government is supporting them
and some end is in sight for their situation.

For everyone who has to relocate
it's a hard hard time.
I hope they find some comfort in the solutions
offered by the Government.

These quilts were made by you, 
my blog readers.
They are truly beautiful.

Thank you so much for making these blocks
the quilts will give some comfort
to three families.

Knowing someone cares is important
especially for all of us in Christchurch
living an unbelievable nightmare every day.

Just to give you some idea of scale
I read this today:
Aftershocks this year:
Haiti has had 42, Japan 726
Christchurch 7000+


  1. Geez when you see those numbers it is not surprising people can't beleive they are still going. Lovely quilts - bless

  2. I think of you every day and wonder if the aftershocks have stopped. I admire your courage in the face of all of this. Tornados strike once, earthquakes just seem to keep on and on. Know that your are thought of often, stay safe. Blessed be.

  3. Oh my Deb, I had no idea that Christchurch has had that many aftershocks. That certainly must be hard. Praying for peace to all of you...

  4. I can't even imagine. I've experienced two earthquakes - neither one terribly destructive, and I remember the terror of the aftershocks. Keeping you and all of Christchurch in our prayers.

    And what beautiful quilts those are!

  5. These quilts have turned out beautifully and I hope they cheer up the 3 families they are destined for. You and your family are always in my thoughts...

  6. The quilts are beautiful Deb, i hope they bring some small comfort. I just cant begin to imagine what the people of Christchurch are going through, you have amazing strength.


  7. Its 7000 since Sept. I had to look that up because it does seem so extreme doesnt it. But there you have it . 10 months and 7000 earthquakes. good grief.

  8. There's a lady in Christchurch knitting madly. People from all over the place have sent her yarn. I didn't have much opportunity to send a square but I sent plenty of lovely warm woolly goodness. Some of us remember our Kiwi cousins.


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