Monday, June 27, 2011

Making it better...

Living in Christchurch means there are lots of things
we just can't make better for our kids.
We can't make them feel safe
because we can't promise there
won't be any more aftershocks.

One of my children is finding this incredibly hard
at the moment.
Yesterday I found an old curtain for $4
at the Sally Army 
and whipped up this pillow cover for a pillow I had.
I made his bed all nice (usually he does it himself)
and left it all set up for when he came home.
It's the little things that help someone
feel safe in their own room.

I also heard about this book
(thanks so much Maddie xxx)
and I'm going to buy that too.

We just do the best we can don't we!


  1. If you manage to get hold of that book, I'd be really interested to have a wee look. It sounds perfect for somebody here too!

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fabric on the cushion at the front. You are so very clever!! I need a Deb inspired bag making day I think!

  3. It tears at your heart strings doesn't it Deb, its so had to understand things happening ourselves let alone reassure our wee people. We can only do what we are doing sweetheart. Knowing we are all doing it together helps.

  4. is worth a look too.

  5. poor little guy...i am so sorry that this is hard on him, on all of you!!! a pretty bed is so cozy and comforting.

  6. Hi Deb, I just wanted to say thank you for posting about that book. I have a dear friend in Christchurch, and you inspired me to get the book and make a quilt for him and his son. I blogged about it here. I'm very grateful for the inspiration!


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