Thursday, June 23, 2011

My "be prepared" bag...

It's all done and filled with goodies.

I'm so glad to have used these
boy scout badges on something good.
I was wondering about the boy who earned them.
I guess his mum always intended to sew them on.
Oops, been that mum sometimes.

Reuben is going through a real hard time right now
and I'm hoping this bag of treasures
will help him next time there is an aftershock.

Sadly we are coming to terms with the fact
that there will be more.
It's so hard to not be able to promise your kids
that it won't happen again.

I hope that this earthquake talk is not too negative
I'm sorry if it is,but it's our life now
and part of writing about it,
is coming to terms with it.

Thanks for all your kind comments
I do appreciate them even if I don't reply!!!


  1. Love the bag! Even though it's very hard, life is full of things that we can't control. Learning that young could be a blessing, or not, depends on how you react I guess. I think the bag of goodies just for shakes will make them less scary. I hope they stop soon-actually I hope that you never need to use that bag!

  2. The bag looks awesome. Would love to catch up some time. Let me know if I can take you out for a cupcake some time... love you xxxx

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Especially Reuben.

  4. It is one of the hardest parts of being a parent, not being able to tell them nothing bad is going to happen. I like the bag a lot and hope it brings some smiles.

  5. Not negative at all... what is more positive than identifying difficulties that your child is having and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!
    Hugs x

  6. Hi Deb

    Please keep telling us about life in Christchurch. I don't personally know anyone there - apart from a colleague's daughter who is at Uni and thus can more easily leave if things get too much, than those who own houses (and land) that are now worth not very much. Your posts keep reminding that these are real people, enduring real suffering and that I should count my blessings while I may. I have loved your very evocative pictures of quilts on the fences very moving. They are worthy of an exhibition, in my humble opinion.

  7. Deb, I agree with Helen, don't stop talking about Christchurch, if that's what you want/need to do. There's no need to appologies for it. You're doing what you can to help yourself and those around you survive.
    Our prayers are with those in your city, Cheri.

  8. Oh Deb, talk about whatever you need to. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be going through what you have, much less with kids to have to explain things to. Your bag turned out wonderful.

  9. What a fun bag. Still thinking of you. Hang in there.

  10. talking and writing is cathartic(did i spell that right) so please keep it up!! i wish for you that this was not your everyday right now. i love that you did this bag up. i have been that mom too!!!

  11. Hugs to you and your little ones. And I've come to the conclusion I can only blog where I'm at, and if that's coping or not with aftershocks then that's what my journey is about at the moment. So don't stop blogging about what you're going through too - the ongoing-ness of this whole "seismic event" is part of the story of living through it, that the media has got bored with but still needs to be shared. Kia kaha.

  12. Big hugs to you and your boy. I am sure the bag will help in that he knows that his Mum is looking after him and loves him. It is terrible what you are living through and my heart goes out to you and everyone else who is still experiencing the aftershocks. I wish I could have you all to my place for a cup of tea or coffee and some respite from the reality of Christchurch as it is now - so sad about my beautiful home town.


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