Sunday, June 12, 2011

This week...

When it was KSW I thought Annie had plenty of clothes
but she seems to have had a growth spurt!
The dress in this picture
is now a top!

This dress is too small.
Even for a top! 
This dress is still fine
and I'm going to make a few more.

I cut out a whole bunch from my thrifted stash
last night and plan to make one up each day.

Hey presto! A new wardrobe!
I expect a lot of Annie pictures this week.


  1. My grandmother made all of my kids clothes. I used all the scraps to make a quilt. When I look at it I am reminded of all their clothes. :-)

  2. Looking forward to Annie's 'fashion parade'!

  3. Those little dresses are adorable. Is it your own pattern?

  4. I just heard about the earthquake the hit Christchurch. Sending prayers and wishes that all is well with you and your loved ones.

  5. Oh no deb..I hope you are all well and safe....little a is

  6. Hope you are all ok. We have power and water if you need it. So much love. Hope you could get to all your babies xxxxxx

  7. Hi Deb, just heard you've had another aftershock and it's pretty full on. I hope you and your people are okay and warm and safe. Love and prayers xx Tan

  8. Just heard on the news this morning about new quakes in christchurch! Hope you are all well, and your poor city not further damaged.


  9. I hope you and yours are ok after this latest round of tremblors.

  10. I heard about the after shocks this morning. Are you safe? Please let us know when you can. Thinking and worrying about you and your beautiful family.

  11. the supermarket coming down is amazing to watch isnt it. my heart stopped when i saw the damage from yesterday! crikey. hope you guys are coping ok, hugs


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