Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have to get up early these days to get James up
so he can go to work!
This morning I remembered I had forgotten
to send out the last two pairs for the thrifty tin swap.
I was doing it the other night and got sidetracked.
So everyone should have their partner now.
If you haven't heard from either myself or Cat,
please email us to remind us!!

This is not a thrifted tin but it is awesome.
I used to be the plastic container Queen
when I was younger.

But tins are so much better.
For a starter they have good fitting lids
which helps to keep all the contents in.

We use them for all sorts of things.
Especially children's puzzles and games.
Things which need to be kept in sets.

They are great in Christchurch too,
because if they fall down they don't spill everywhere

Occasionally they come with contents.
This collection of bias binding is so useful for bits and bobs.

They are portable too.
This wee tin keeps my hand sewing bits handy
for what ever project I have on the go.

You just can't go past a good tin.


  1. Oh yes totally agree with this sentiment! I love good tins to store things in. They are particularly handy for sewing items like ribbons and ric-rac. The older ones are much sturdier too than newer ones.

  2. I've kinda always had a thing for tins, when I was a teen I loved pencil tins over cases and remember spending my pocket money at a cute little shop in new regent street called Boxes. I still have some of the little trinket tins i brought there. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE my old baking tins, I feel so cool bringing them out at authentic ;)

  3. I never seem to find tins but I'd better start looking now so I can send my partner something cool!

  4. i agree...i love a good tin. I use a old mints tin to hold my needles and pins for hand sewing.

  5. My first 'vintage collectable' tins were Royal tins I brought to hold my baking for my Royal Wedding high tea
    I'm a tupperware plastic girl through and through :)
    But my craft room is slowly making way for tins and jars -
    My two parcels for vintage tin swap have been sent

  6. Tins are top-I love your yellow and red flowery one. I have a quite a few like you, filled with allsorts, but I will need to do some op-shop fossiking to find one for the tin-swop because I'm sure I couldn't bear to part with any of the one I have!


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