Saturday, June 25, 2011

A tiny quilt for our wee girl...

I've been a machine today.
David has taken Reuben away for the weekend
and so today I could sew and sew.

I quilted and bound 6 quilt tops today.
Well one of them was this tiny quilt for Annie's doll.

and I sewed the binding on four others
that had been quilted by Shenleigh.
Just need to sew them down.

I can't remember ever having such a
productive sewing day.
It feels good.

The site where our local shops were is cleared now.
Just a bare patch of mud.

Every little bit of the rubble is gone.

Today the sun was shining 
and our favourite dairy is open again.
It makes it easier to see a bare section
as an opportunity for new beginnings
rather than a sad thing.

That's today
tomorrow might be different.


  1. here is to new beginnings!!! and to being amazingly productive....wish i could get in a day like that.

  2. What a star 6 quilts in a day - and our girls are similar ages so there goes my excuse 'but I have a pre schooler' -

  3. The quilt is so beautiful - you do amazing work...

    It has got to be hard to see the spots all empty where the shops used to be... but it must be kinda of exciting to think of the new buildings that will go in...

    I always enjoy visiting your blog. :)


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