Saturday, June 4, 2011

When life hands you scraps, make quilts!

So life in the Robertson household has hit 
the stress threshold in many ways.

You know how it is,
it's the good with the bad when it comes to parenting
not that it's all bad
but a lot of it is challenging.

Anyway this morning Annie woke me early
and then went back to sleep
and after I lay there awake for a while
I decided to get up.

I cut out four girl quilts
for some babies which (fingers crossed)
haven't been born yet.

I cut a new quilt for us
using Dana's pinwheel pattern
and some of the DS fabrics which amazingly
have come to New Zealand.

Oh and I pressed the blocks for my asterisk quilt.
Um, they are not the best blocks in the world,
I think they are going to have to be

I've looked on the Old Red Barn Co flickr site 
and there aren't a lot of asterisk quilts finished,
but I'm determined to finish mine,
even if it's the world's slowest quilt :)

I feel better now.
The cutting process makes me feel calmer.
Reuben and I are going to church together this morning
and that will help too.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm plugging away at those asterisks too. Thanks for reminding me to get them out of "storage."

  2. HI Deb, thinking of you. I am glad you can find some calming things, because chronic stress reeks havoc eventually. Enjoy that beautiful fabric, enjoy something good outside, enjoy your people. xx

  3. See fabric is medicinal - a good reason to buy more :o)


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