Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Intentions Tuesday...

I love working my way through a to-do list.
First some things to add to the list...

A pattern for a couple of bags and some dresses for Annie

and finish the bands on this vest for David.
And on the done list...

The woollens are washed and slowly drying

Some quilt tops are pieced from bee blocks

The wee tins are filled with activities for the younger children
(we tried them out on Saturday it was great)

Annie has her new cushion and is happy with it.
Also the red jersey is frogged and the laundry is tidyish.

Thanks Miriam I got a lot done!!
Love me a good intention :)
By the way have a look at the awesome placemats 
that Miriam made this week.


  1. Holey Moley!!

    SO productive!! And here I am still thinking about my good intentions....

  2. Wow! So many things ticked off the list! I'm pacing myself, but have still managed a couple of things from my list.


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