Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last week's finds...

some egg cups in my favourite colour
I don't know what happened to our egg cups
they have all gone off to some hiding place!!

A couple of simple games 
that I can play with Reuben in the holidays
They were both in perfect condition

and hopefully he will enjoy them.

I've been hunting for another loaf tin for ages
they are scarce as hens teeth!

Iceblock moulds for when the summer comes

Books for 10cents each
with beautiful illustrations

Aren't they amazing?
and lastly this amazing painting,
painted on leather.
The colours are so vibrant.
A few good finds!


  1. I love that painting! =) Well done, you always come away with good finds when you go op-shopping!

  2. Lovely finds!! I especially adore those egg cups :)


  3. oh what great finds!! I must do a post about the cool finds Ive had lately too.... you've inspired me!

  4. My parents had a very similar painting when I was a kid - they're from Mexico.

  5. Do you ever just like something so much that it makes you gasp? That is how I feel about those egg cups. Why? I don't know but I covet them! (This comment will prove in any court that I have officially gone off the deep end.)

  6. The books remind me of my childhood, and only 10c each- brilliant! I love the painting on leather, the picture is beautiful. B

  7. Love these finds, friend. Am starting to scheme about our vintage quilt blocks. :)


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