Friday, July 1, 2011

Why my house might not be as tidy as it could be...

I need to finish some more of my projects. There seems to be a basket in every corner with a few half begun projects in it. I kid myself that the fact it's in a basket means it's not messy. Yeah.

Oh and good intentions. I have a lot of those too. Like necklaces that either I brought with a broken catch or ones I mean to refurbish. I think I should maybe try and deal to one of my good intentions each week. Oh what's that? I'm the only one? Oh sorry.

And then there's things I just can't help buying because they look pretty and they are useful, oh and usually they very cheap. Like knitting needles and enamelware.

But then I can't help myself and I have to display them for a while.

We won't even begin on the fact that I make stuff. Sigh.

Is there any hope for my house?


  1. Houses were meant for living in so live away and enjoy. If I ever go into a very tidy and organized home I really have to wonder how much time the owner spends cleaning and organizing when time would be better spent creating, being with loved ones and napping. :-)

  2. You are not alone :) Houses are made for living and loving. I can't really see my dining room table at the moment for all the good intentions piled up. x

  3. Maybe you need to host a good inentions thing - where we all submit 10 good intentions we need to sort and then once a week we deal to one - in 10 weeks we have 10 intentions done. As for your house - just think in about 18 years when all the teenagers and extras have moved out you'll have more rooms to fill....actually in my opinion you can be creative OR tidy - that way everyone gets to feel superior and humble!

  4. yes but you have pretty enamel :) and that counts !! !!


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