Friday, August 19, 2011

"Bloom where you are planted" Quilt for Chrissy's 18 Birthday

This quilt began with a lovely parcel from Renee Cashion
I don't have a contact address for her so have never been able to thank her :(
but it lifted my heart in the dark days of March!
Amongst the treasures in it, was a charm pack
of lovely cheerful floral fabrics.

One day I pulled some other charm packs from my stash
and just started sewing.
We didn't have a lot of time,
every daily chore took a lot longer in the weeks after the earthquake
but here and there I sewed a few squares together.
The bracing in this photo is supporting the building
which noone has been in yet since Feb 22
and I think they hope to save it one day.

Anyway bit by bit a quilt began to emerge
and although I didn't love it at the time,
I started to like where it was going!
I called it "Bloom where you are planted"
because of all the florals
and because we were learning to live our lives
in the new normal foisted upon us.

Chrissy really liked it and so I decided to finish it for her birthday
in June. (Remember the camera was broken?
that's why it's taken so long for pictures!)

And now that it's finished we really really love it.

All the random fabrics I pulled just go together somehow
and blend into a harmonious whole,
which just proves we shouldn't obsess about our fabric 
because somehow it all works out!

This is my favourite picture,
with the squares of the quilt,
and of the fencing 
and of the crippled Clarendon Towers.

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  1. Another lovely quilt. The fabrics have worked well together. I enjoy reading the story behind the making of it. The quilting looks great too.
    Wonderful photos.


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