Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drum roll please.... it's the asterisk quilt!!!

I put the camera and the quilt in the car today
and thought I might snap some pictures.

When I saw the fluro vests I realised today might be the
last day to photograph the church around the corner.

The light was perfect and so I took a lot of pictures.
Trust me, this isn't all of them!

This quilt is beautiful.
Oh my, it was A LOT of work.
Way more work than it's size would make you think.

I did notice there were a lot of cushions and such like
on the flickr group and now I know why!!
Lol, I bet there are a ton of these babies in people's UFO piles too.
It looked so innocent to start with. 

Isn't it lovely?

When I came by late this afternoon the digger was coming off the trailer.
I felt like crying even though I knew it has to come down.

Can you see the fatal red sticker on the door?

That's the manse next door, 
it's only red stickered because the hall is going to fall on it.

There goes the power being cut.
It's all over really, bar the shouting.

Still this quilt reminds me that with perseverance 
something difficult can end up something beautiful.
We are going to make it,
we are pulling together, our communities are getting stronger.
My love for my city is growing rather than shrinking
even if it makes you want to cry as it is being destroyed.


  1. It's beautiful... and hang in there. xoxo

  2. Amazing quilt and we will pull through and Christchurch will be beautiful again

  3. Beautiful work Deb - lovely sentiments too. x

  4. remember the phoenix rising from the ashes Deb, the people of Christchurch are strong

  5. Your description of your lovely city brought tears to my eyes - your quilt is AMAZING - Cantabrians are AMAZING!! !!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Cat xxx

  6. I think the quilt does look lovely too. Great colours. Congrats on sticking with all the hard work.
    Thank you also for keeping us aware of all that is happening in your part of the world.

  7. IT's amazing, you are so busy, do you ever sleep????

  8. It turned out so cute! My asterisks are somewhere...

  9. The quilt is lovely! It's the first I've seen of this pattern, think I won't add it to my list!
    Every time I read one of your blogs I am amazed by your courage and the spirit of the people of Christchurch, I am so going to visit there one day!

  10. Thanks for the warning on the work of the asterisk quilt, Deb! It IS lovely, and what a nice analogy you drew from it. I hope Annie is all better and no one else came down with the dreadedness!

  11. It's beautiful. Love the photos and your writing too. Kia kaha...

  12. So beautiful!

    The destruction is sad to see =(

  13. A lovely colourful quilt Deb! It does look deceptively easy but obviously isn't. Sad about the end to that beautiful church in the background though:(

  14. Sending you and Chch some love.

  15. Your perseverence is inspiring!

  16. oh my when I looked at your photos of your lovely quilt I recognised the church (Opawa Methodist) I think. I was christened there in 1966 and married there to my first husband...I know live in Wellington but have strong ties to this wonderful city. Kia kaha

  17. Congratulations on finishing your quilt! It looks wonderful.


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