Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The first day of spring...

Last year on the first day of spring five beautiful girls
went for a picnic in the gardens.

They took photos, ate picnic food and played in the spring sunshine.

Full of anticipation of the joys of the season ahead,
they had enjoyed their day.

Three days later everything changed 
and their happy lives took different paths.

Change is not all good and not all bad
it's just different.

Today these same beautiful girls are going to meet in the park again
after school. Different schools in different places.

The girls are the same, although their lives are barely recognizable. 
They are Warrior Princesses these girls,
with brave, courageous hearts.

Chrissy, Sophie, Phoebe, Matika and Charlie,
you girls are amazing
I hope you make some new memories in the park today

I hope you greet the new season with 
joyful anticipation and no fear,
knowing you are so much more resilient and stronger
than you ever realised possible.

Life is full of ups and downs
but together you can be strong
and you five know how to enjoy the moment!

Love you all.
You really are Unlimited Girls!


  1. I wish them a lovely day and many more to follow! To live through the crisis of the past 6 months is to know you can come through pretty much anything! I hope they all stay strong!

  2. What a beautiful post.
    So necessary to honour the past, and move on with hope...


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