Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flea Market finds...

(First: Have you checked out my charm pack giveaway??)
A few good finds this week,
actually, I think it's thrifting gold!

I love pottery canisters, this Cookie jar... awesome!

Another wee dog, is five a collection?

But honestly who could resist these eyes??

Doillies, I think I might do some more dyeing.

And best of all, this trolley (for $2 from Trademe)

It's perfect, absolutely perfect for all my bits and bobs.

It's square which is unusual for a tea trolley
but it fits exactly right in the sitting room.
(Why do we call it the sitting room?
There are no chairs in there - fail!)

No reason the functional can't look pretty, right?

Op-shopping is awesome!
More finds here!


  1. No way could I have left that adorable little doggie behind either. He is so sweet.

    Great finds! Looks like the trolley has fit right in as if it should have always been there. Great price, too!

  2. aww cute dog!!

    The trolley was a good buy!

  3. i absolutely love that vintage cookie jar! amazing!! and that trolley is so adorable. great finds, deb!

  4. Opshopping is 100% awesome.Love your finds

  5. I do love op shopping tho it happens fgar and few between with me...homeschooling does take up alot of the day time, but i do get it in every now and then,,,and yes,,,5 does make a collection...lolxxx

  6. Awesome the trolley!!


  7. Great finds. the tea trolley looks lovely. x

  8. cool stuff! I love the dog! He's a sweetie!


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