Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's beginning to look like spring! (and giveaway reminder)

(Tomorrow I'll draw a winner for this giveaway.
Have you entered??)
Actual sunshine was coming into the house yesterday
lighting up the corners.

Warming even the little marble figures.

Highlighting the autumn leaves
hanging on the window.
Remember these waxed paper pictures?
They are timeless, I still love making them.

Brightening even the darkest corner.

And luring us outside for a wee play
and a vacuum of my mama-mobile.

Yes, its beginning to feel like Spring!!
It's my favourite season, really it is.
What is yours???


  1. YAY for spring, roll on I say!
    Gosh that deck chair brings back some really great childhood memories...

  2. Wow this year has flown by so quickly! It's amazing to think spring is just around the corner! I am looking forward to the flowers, the baby birds, the lambs!!! And hopefully an early beginning to BBQ weather!

    Love all the bright cheery fabric :)

  3. Spring and Autumn :) they are the prettiest seasons -
    Hey how do you make wax pictures? I know how to with crayons .. .. ..

  4. Christchurch has been seriously beautiful over these last few weeks!! I love living here!! The daffodils are on their waaaayyyy! :)

    Snow warning for this sunday and monday though - in the city to ground level. Again. *sigh*

  5. such gorgeous pictures....i always love fall and winter!!


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