Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's potty time in my house (+ giveaway)

A few months ago the lovely Sarah contacted me
from Huggies. She wanted to send me some pull-ups
and I could write about them.
Well I've never promoted anything here that has been given 
to me for free, but I'm a long-time Huggies fan
and I was more than happy to.

I brought some teeny tiny knickers and a jar of sweets
and together with a box of wipes and a lot of determination
the toilet training has begun.

It was just the push I needed to get Miss Annie-Rose
 on the toilet training path anyhow,
and we could tick yes on all the signs in the information pack
apart from the wees in the potty thing.

I've done a lot of toilet training in my years
taught by my mum the way to go
and practiced under her watchful eye on my much younger sisters
 (Hi Sharyn, Hi Jo, lol)
Miss Annie was very interested in the pull-ups and
at first all we did was have the potty around and wear the pull-ups
(big-girl pants) every now and again.

I must say they fit a whole lot better than the last time I tried them (Hi Reuben)
and have handy-dandy velcro on the side for fastening and unfastening.

Then we got to the stage where Annie would get up in the morning
and take off her nappy and put on her actual undies
and I felt it was time to get on with the process.

I won't lie, we have had many many accidents
(Thursday night = 14 pairs knickers in the wash)
but slowly but surely we are getting there.
The potty has become a fashion accessory to our living room
and Annie is starting to tell us "wees coming"
but because she is a bit ahem, unreliable
I'm going to buy another packet of pull-ups 
for my mental health when we go out.

We had a bloggy meet up yesterday at Addington Coffee co
and we were talking about toilet training and I promised to post
the links to the Huggies site for Max
so that is what spurred me on to get this post written!

I'm also really impressed with the Huggies site
it's got tonnes of useful stuff in it.
(trust me they are not paying me to say this lol)

Here is the link to the toilet training info
Here is the link to some cool looking ebooks
Here is the link to a whole bunch of fun kids activities

Now I can't do a post like this without a giveaway....

I thought I'd put together a wee bunch of goodies
that would be good for anyone
but super good for a toilet-training mummy!
There's a healthy food mag, some vintage golden books,
some chocolate and hand cream for the mummy
and a vintage tupperware container you can put treats in for your toddler.

Please leave a comment telling me 
your best tip for toilet training for one chance to win!
if you want more...
pop over and visit the Huggies website
and pop back and leave me a comment telling me
something cool you saw there.

If you are still reading here (lol)
don't hate me for promoting a product I believe in.
I have an awesome quilt to show you tomorrow!!


  1. We use pull-ups at our house! My potty training tip is to find out what motivates your child - and wait until they are ready! You can't make a child eat, and you can't make them go to the loo just because you want them to! I'm very much still a practicing mum at this, I have one fully trained child, one who still has the occasional (or frequent, depending on stress) accident, and one who is BARELY starting!

  2. No Knickers in the back yard on a warm summers day always worked in our house. Have to agree with Mary-ann, when they are ready it happens real fast, but if you try and push it too soon you just end up with frustrated mother and sad child. Smiled at your giveaway photo, Health food mag and chocolate? Last week I was fortunate to spot the 92MORE fm trucks and got given 4 cans of Red Bull (yuk) two xtra large muffins, Large bag of potato chips and "The Healthy Food Guide mag" is that an oxymoron???? HAppy teenagers though.

  3. My best trick was to have my son potty on a tree in our yard...he loved to be able to hit the tree...that worked well in the summer and soon he was potty trained. The only problem was that the day care didn't like it when he pottied on their tree...he dropped his shorts and then so did four other little guys! Oooops!

  4. Your a wee gem (har har!) thanks for posting this info. I thought claud was too young at 20 months so it was good to read up and see it can happen anytime from 18 months on and what the readiness signs are-she's showing loads of them so its definatly the time to make a start. Especially glad about that as she is just about out of her cloth nappies (unless there is a pull up version of cloth nappies?!) we could avoid spending big bucks on a larger set that she won't be in for long
    Was lovely to meet you :0)

  5. We used to sit our boys on the loo while we were waiting for the shower to warm up and see if anything came out - that was our first start and of course we had the toilet song that we sang - but most normal people wouldn't do that!!!


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