Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrifty finds...

I'm having an amazing time in Sydney
with Sharyn and Simoma,
having lots of fun and just hanging out in the nicest possible way.
I'll have loads of pictures to post when I get back,
but in the mean times I thought I'd post these finds from the last 
week or two!
I've been looking out for Kitchen things for my Vintage Kitchen Swap
and its amazing you how you find what you
are looking for.
It happens so often, although sometimes you have to wait a while!!
Napkin rings, pillowcases to make laundry bags for Playcentre
and one of those clever tools for crumbling the butter into flour
for scones and fruit crumbles.

I love these Hostess boxes, I'm hoping they will hold recipe cards
must find a Warehouse Stationery and buy some.
How cool would my recipes look on wee cards in one of these?

One for me and one for my swap partner!

I also had some success lately at the City Mission.
A bunch of Agatha Christie books,
I watched a couple of stories on TV and decided to try reading them.
Another one of those metal picture frames for upcycling..

The cutiest wee music box ever ever.

I'm wondering about doing an embroidery or a wee patchwork
to put in this frame.
(I'll paint it red like the others I did)

I'm sure if you read my blog you might wonder if our house if filled with stuff
I don't think it is (David might disagree a bit, he's a minimalist at heart!)
but I do constantly sort and declutter things that we have finished with
for example I have four pillow cases filled with
the cot sheets etc that we have finished with
to take to the op-shop tomorrow.

I like to change things around I think it makes our home
feel loved when you come to visit it!

That's my plan anyhow!!


  1. Great finds. Your vintage kitchen swap partner sure will be lucky with those treasures. x

  2. So glad you told us what the butter crumbler was, because I now know that I need one and what it looks like if I am ever lucky enough to find one! I vote embroidery for the frame, or red work I guess if you are going to paint it red?
    Happy quilting, Sue SA.

  3. I love the hostess boxes there so sweet!

    E :)

  4. I love seeing all the treasures you find. :)


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