Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today I'm hanging out with this girlie...

She's on a cake eating making kick at the moment
yesterday at Playcentre we made cupcakes,
today it's gingerbread cookies.

Also I'm hoping to sew down my first Dresden Plate
and so I can take 1000 photos and put up a tutorial!


  1. She's suddenly looking all grown up!

  2. Oh she does...she's a pre schooler!..what an adorable girlie to be hanging with...have

  3. I cant wait for a girl grandbaby to bake cakes with...(actually one should be arriving in about 2 weeks!!!) i have all boys that live close and they would rather make mud pies (of course it would have to rain in texas to make them right now) Mud pies are fun, but, a girl to do girlie things with... you are such a lucky lady!!


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