Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A trio of vintage sheet quilts...

This is my vintage bee quilt, but it's really difficult to photograph.
Also to be honest, I dropped the ball with this one.
I found some fabric I really liked and put blocks of it
with the pieced blocks, but it's pretty busy
and although I liked it, once it was quilted
the blocks don't sing.
I really should have chosen fabric that contrasted better.
I feel kinda bad because my friends made these blocks.

This quilt has auditioned before!
I just love it so much.

and this is one of my experiments with rectangles.
I was kinda obsessed with them for a while there.

This is my favourite block in the Bee Quilt,
it's what inspired me to work on my dresden plates.

This is one of my favourite blocks,
I just love squares, I have mentioned this before I know.

Hmm but I do love flying geese too.

And this, this is just lovely.

I want to make another one of these.
I'm sorry, I wish I could remember where I found the pattern for this.
I actually think I might have to do the Pinterest thing
just so I know where to credit the things I make.
Anyone on Pinterest want to send me an invite??

It doesn't really matter if these aren't perfect,
they are still fantastic for snuggling under on a cold day.

And isn't that what we make quilts for anyhow?
Oh yes it is!
Even the wonky ones keep us warm!

I was thinking I should do a post of where all the quilts are at the moment
before the weather warms up and we start putting some of them away!


  1. I'm new to Pinterest, but I can try to figure out the invite thing!

  2. Gorgeous all, I am in awe of your talent x

  3. Hi Deb,
    When I joined pinterest I just asked for an invite on the main webpage - it took about a week to come through, but it's worth the wait - it's soooo fun!

  4. Those are lovely. What fun fabrics!

  5. PS - I am on Pinterest and can send you an invite. Just send me your e-mail at
    spunkydiva at

  6. Your quilts are so beautiful! I love how the colors blend so well, with little contrast. :o) I want to learn how to do that!!

  7. Beautiful quilts! I am on Pinterest too so I will love for you there!

  8. Those quilts are gorgeous, and thanks for sharing. I think it's your blog that's sent me "back to fabric" and loving it.

  9. Beautiful pretty fabrics Deb! I love how they all blend together.

  10. They are all gorgeous!

  11. Wonderful to see so much lovely colour. Great quilts!

  12. Your quilts are so fun! Thanks for sharing...

    Warm hugs,

  13. Love that circles one best of all but they are all so much fun and Summery! Ideal for a cold winters snuggle lol

  14. oh i think it turned out gave me a great idea to add in some big blocks to mine...what a great way to set off the individual ones.


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