Friday, September 2, 2011

Rozella Vintage Market

On every weekend,
Saturday and Sunday.

Literally something for everyone
and some reasonable prices
(I got three beautiful tableclothes for $10)

It is fantastic.

I could have brought home so much.

There's only so much china you can stuff in your hand luggage
I discovered.

I also discovered you really should check you can lift 
your hand luggage above your head 
in the privacy of your own home,
before you nonchalantly try and put it in the luggage rack.
Just saying.

Sharyn and I spend several happy hours here.

And then we took our treasures home by bus and train,
guess who got to carry the ladder??
Oh well, noone that knows me saw me.
Plus it makes for a good story!

(The ladder is now a quilt rack at Sharyn's,
but weirdly I didn't photograph it.)


  1. Noice! I have been looking at ladders to hang quilts on. I also need to make a few more quilts so as to have something to hang :-)

  2. What a great place to wander around. Lol, you need a shopping bag on wheels between you!

  3. Love how you carried that ladder everywhere it made me laugh.

  4. oooooh jealous of that ladder. I've been wanting one for yeeeeaaars

  5. OMG! I would definitely want it all, you poor girl having to see all that stuff lol!

  6. ok, I missed WHERE this market is????!!!!! Hellooo???!! that is so so awesoeme!!! ( Ican't even spell!!!) I was sitting with my nose 2 inches from my screen looking into all the pictures... must.go.

  7. Heh. I can walk to the Rozelle Market. Have I ever been?
    I think I will go soon! 8-)


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