Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage game colours....

I've noticed how the older games have such rich colours,
red, yellow

Hints of electric blue

And also a deep green colour.

In various combinations.

I like these colours so much
that I'm thinking about making a quilt in these colourways.

Or at least a cushion or three!
with scalloped edges.
Definitely scalloped edges.

With little houses maybe??
and these roundy trees??

I wonder if I can find fabrics in these colourways.


  1. Maybe you should design your own fabric... those games are a wonderful inspiration.

  2. Yes I'm totally with you on this! Those colours would make a superb quilt! Good luck with the fabric hunting. Maybe you need some vintage fabrics?

  3. Yes, yes, yes...that would look amazing!


  4. these are such amazing inspiration....i love the puzzle graphics. the trees especially....whatever you make from this is going to be amazing

  5. Oh I LOVE that inspiration. Love it.


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