Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Canterbury Quilters Quilt Show

My quilt was hanging there last weekend.
Oh it was so lovely to see it hanging and looking so lovely.
Don't think I've finished photographing it yet,
oh no, there are still many photos to come of this beauty!!

I loved this quilt. Unfortunately I took the wrong lense for the camera,so close-ups it was!
This is by a Japanese quilter who lives locally. She had seven quilts in the exibition
and they were all amazing.

I liked this. It was a mixture of four patch blocks and plain blocks all sashed
and it was very effective.

This was one of the quilts in the Earthquake section and my favourite.
So skillfully done.

This one was amazing too. Very clever indeed.

Years ago I made one of these in turned applique.
But I love this version. I'm definitely going to try it with raw edge applique.
I wonder if I can find a picture of mine....
Oh yes, here is mine. From December 2007.
My photography has come on a long way since then (practice practice practice)
I made this from Canteen bandanas.
I definitely could make another one!!
I'm pretty sure I've well lost the pattern, but I bet I could just draw it up.
Not yet, must finish some UFO's first!!


  1. Deb, yours is SUCH a beauty - you called that right! It must be even more beautiful up close and personal! Wow, I love it and have to go back and take another long gaze...

  2. Wonderful quilt display. Obviously loads of talent in your area!

  3. That top one is yours?? Its beautiful Hope you won 1st prize!!

  4. They're all quiet amazing, but yours is a real standout x

  5. Your quilts are so GORGEOUS; Thanks for this show and tell. More pictures please!!!!!!!!

  6. You must have made SO MANY quilts over the years. Surely that must cost you a fortune? Do you ever sell them?

  7. It was a great show wasnt it?..Not toooo big where you get overwhelmed.And yes I saw yours. :)

  8. Oh, and I also have the circle pattern in progress. In fact 2 tops , in needleturn. I cant remember where I saw the pattern orginally.A magazine maybe. I must dig them out at some point.Still unpacking since our move.

  9. so, so proud of you my friend!!! If you want another visit I'll be your date. Love you

  10. Your quilt is just gorgeous!! :o)

  11. Wow! It surely must have been a thrill to see your quilt hanging in such fine company!


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