Monday, October 17, 2011

A Christmas quilt for Annie (thanks to Deb)

Ok so this quilt was photographed by the Bridge of Rememberance
a place once surrounded by busy bustling buildings
and now by silence and space.

All the credit for this quilt goes to the lovely lovely Deb
who had these amazing embroideries in her stash
and ever so kindly gifted them to me. They are Annie blocks
and so so beautiful. Deb is a Master of the Stitchery.

This fabric by Erin Morris sets the blocks off to perfection I think.
I've machine quilted around the blocks and done some hand quilting.
I think I will do some more but can't quite decide what.
Doesn't stop Annie from snuggling under it though!!

Aren't these blocks amazing. Thank you so much Deb.

I love setting blocks with solid blocks of colour rather than sashing.
Somehow I think it works. Although i did do sashing and some random strips as well.

Close up of some of the fabrics. Really unusual, but the colours work so well.

More blocks. It's pretty random, but I wanted that with the tie-dyed fabric of the embroideryl

You like?? I love it.
And it will always remind me of the kindness of Deb.
Did I mention she is awesome??


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Quirky and fun and perfect for Annie.

  2. Love it! It looks fantastic. All the little Annies are so gorgeous.

  3. Those stitchery blocks are amazing!

  4. Deb the quilt looks brillant all put together. I am so thrilled you were able to put the "Annie's" to good use and it was absolute pleasure to be able to give them to a lovely friend to use.
    Love your choice of fabrics, they are really scrummy.

  5. simply gorgeous xxx love the way you are finishing off so many quilts xxx

    just have to say - I'm making a canteen bandana quilt at the moment and when I googled it - your old blog came up - LOVE the quilt you made!

  6. You did a beautiful job showing off those adorable stitched blocks. What a gorgeous choice of fabrics you used! And the quilting is perfect. :o)


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