Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few camping pics [six of a possible 280!]

We had such a great time at Kaikoura,
I think I downloaded over 200 photos but don't worry I won't post them all!!
The weather was chilly but the site was heaven.
If you can picture a road threading around the base of the mountains
and a strip of gravel by the road and then the sea.
We camped on the strip of gravel at Omihi.
It's just amazing.

We spent most of the time at the beach (sometimes wrapped up warmly)
while Reuben and Lily lit fire afte fire after fire
and boiled water in the thermette and cooked random stuff!
David came to help us set up and then for the weekend at the end.
He likes fires too! I think it must be genetic.

I remember hours and hours of fun when I was a kid, boiling the thermette with my brother Jeremy
It's one of the best memories from my childhood, hunching over the tiny fires
and then drinking the hot tea when we had success!

Annie-Rose loved it. She was very happy in the caravan
and the two children slept well which was great.
We put them together on the permanent double bed and we slept on
the bench seats at the other end of the caravan.

I could probably write a post about the caravan, it was so cosy.
Luckily it has yellow curtains which lift the brown wall lining,
add a few bright quilts and pillows and some retro bits and bobs
and it looks great!!


  1. camping by the beach.. I am so green with envy! I know what you mean about holiday pics, the power of digital photography huh...

  2. it looks and sounds lovely Deb! I'm dying to have a go with a thermette x

  3. Beautiful pillows and fabrics! And children and photos!

  4. How fabulous is this? I love Kaikoura, and the idea of the caravan with all those gorgeous quilts sounds amazing to me. The children look so beautifully happy!


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