Saturday, October 15, 2011

Growing things...

Last year we planted three vege gardens, because the chickens at the first two!
I kept meaning to sow seeds but left it too late.
I saw this idea somewhere, can't remember where
(must master pinterest)
and have been saving toilet rolls and sewing seeds in them.

I love to see the tiny wee seeds poking through the soil

Promise of salads and seasonings when summer comes.
Just what everyone needs in the corner of their bedroom!!


  1. I was thinking of using cardboard egg cartons for my herb seeds but that is another idea I can think on.

  2. That is a great recycling idea for toilet roll inners! We certainly seem to collect them quickly in our house. If you want I can send you a invite to Pinterest to get you started.

  3. I've just planted all my corn seeds in toilet rolls today! It's a brilliant way of recycling.
    And GGGRRRR to chickens AND slugs who eat gardens seedlings GGGGRRRRR

  4. You can cut them in half and have twice as many too, because seedlings don't have lots of root, 1/2 of a roll works out great.

  5. I've done this before :). Make sure you sog up the rolls when you plant out otherwise the roots can be restricted when you first put them in the vege garden.
    It's not quite so good for root veges as it is for leafy ones and half rolls work better with root veges.
    Good luck and may you have bountiful crops!

  6. Ok. This is just brilliant! Truly, I am going to start saving our toilet paper rolls!! :o)


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