Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrifty finds...

First there was two little brass dogs belonging to my Uncle Ian.
I never met him and this is all I own belonging to him.
They were lonely, so one by one other dogs are coming to live with them.
This little "forsaken soul" had an ugly gloopy mess on her head
where some 'hair' had been stuck.
But a clean up and she's lovely!

I've said it before but it's still true.
Things get broken in our house every single day.
(some days more)
so a few new plates, especially pretty ones, are always helpful.

My beautiful Crown Lynn Swan broke in an aftershock so this little cutie is nice to have.

We always have candles now, just in case
and these lovely candle stick holders had to come home with me.

This is as close as you'll get where I sleep!
A tiny vase and a wee plate for bits.
Annie tipped the flower and water into my bed the other day, nice
but it gets worse, she also wet it while she was asleep.
And it dried, and I slept in it. Don't hate me, I was too tired to change it!

If I was nice I would post this to my sister,
but I think I'll keep it and think of her instead when I go to bed!

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  1. Heart. I'm quite happy at the moment because we've broken so many glasses I have to go buy more. Thrifted kitchen and dining ware is so much more fun because (a) it's cheap so when it breaks, it's okay,(b) it's so fun to buy and (c) it looks amaaazing.


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