Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Winners....

These pictures are from two years ago just because a post is not a post without a photo!!
My goodness these children are growing up fast!

Now I was amazed how quickly the entries came in for the Mollie Makes giveaway.
Clearly lots of you love it or wish to love it!
No wonder, because it's a lovely magazine.

So the winner for the magazine is [drum roll]
Clare from Green Valley Crafts!
Congratulations Clare, please email me with your details and I'll post this this week.
But wait there is more...

A confession. I completely forgot to draw a winner
for my Huggies giveaway. Oops. I found the wrapped parcel when I was tidying last week!
 The winner for that is Max from BlackBird has Spoken
Congratulations Max, please can you email me your address.


  1. Oh YAY! Thanks Deb :)
    Can't wait to see this magazine!

  2. ha! cool, I will email you forthwith, thanks!


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