Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Can anyone spell a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e??

Two little darlings born on our bed one morning three weeks ago
and now they are on the move.

Exploring their world!
It's funny their mum sends the other two cats we have packing,
but is quite happy for mondo our dog to sniff them out.
Isn't this adorable??

Can anyone say Cute??

We took them outside for the first time on the quilt
and their mum was ok about it
and they throught it was great.

They both have new homes to go to at Christmas so we haven't named them
but oh, they are oh so cute.
Oh sweetie, you really are lovely!!


  1. Well this is just too gorgeous! Don't they have beautiful eyes?

  2. Cute are cute can be.

    Mondo is a perfect name for that dog~

    That quilt is HUGE!

  3. They are gorgeous!!! Love their blue eyes =)

  4. sorry but the whole cat giving birth on your bed kinda ruined it for me.....

    i spose they are cute. for cats.

    signed the cat grinch ;)

  5. bahahaha at Widge above
    and cute xxx at the kittens


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