Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Chrissy...

It seems only last week that you were born.
I remember walking the nursery at night holding you,
peeking at the other babies feeling so sorry for their mothers
as their babies were no where near as pretty as you.
You were such a feisty wee thing
it's a family legend now that tantrum you had outside Farmers in Ashburton
You made us laugh then as you do now.
When you were too tiny to answer me back
I told you over and over how you were special and not ordinary
and that God had great plans for you.

I still believe it!

This year you stood in town on February 22 and became a grown up,
you made a courageous decision and stuck to it.
I'm so proud of you my heart could burst;
and I know you my girl...
you are just going to keep on making those courageous decisions
I'll be here cheering for you in public
and save the tears and prayers for the shower.

Congratulations Christina Elizabeth on bravely completing this school year,
and leaving school FOREVER
on being a good daughter, a good sister
and a good friend.

I love you more more more more.

"I know the plans I have for you, 
for good and not for evil
to give you a future and a hope"


  1. oh Deb what a tear jerker, I hope Chrissy has read this! How very very special.

  2. awesome tribute a stunning young woman. You guys and Chrissy can all be very proud of who she is and is becoming. x Big moment for you all x

  3. what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL post Deb, and what a gorgeous daughter you have. You have every right to be proud of her, she sounds like a great young woman.

  4. Such a beautiful girl! Such a proud Mum! It's so wonderful when these big moments occur, bittersweet but wonderful.

  5. She is a lovely girl! Beautiful post =)

  6. congratulations on completing school!!! she is a beautiful girl


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