Thursday, November 17, 2011

It must be November cause the Works in Progress pile has gone CRAZY...

In my creative space today....
haha well this is the dining table, not a lot of dining going on here today.
Let's break it down shall we?

At one end, Reuben's art work.
He set this up on Monday and has been working away at it ever since.
He's really enjoying it and I'm enjoying just letting him potter away
and not getting stressed about it.

In the middle...

Piles of cut out projects.
Like this one for the parents of a little girl who attended our Playcentre
until her recent passing away.
She was an only child, I can only imagine their desolation.
I really want to finish this before Christmas.

This is actually two quilts, one for Liz and one for my sister Sharyn.
This is a next-year project I think.
Although I did finish sewing strips last night while Reuben was faffing about getting ready for bed
and cut the blocks this morning (I got up EARLY)

This is for one of our street Whanau, Dan, using some of his own shirts
and a few neutrals. Quite manly I hope.
His birthday 9 December. [gulp]

This is for James' birthday. 10 January [sigh]
This is a maybe this year maybe not!

I may have mentioned here that I was gifted the most incredible stash.
I've cut some large squares from some of my favourites
(you know I love squares) and I'm hoping for a large quilt to use outside.

This is a neat pile of large scraps.
I'm gonna give this away sometime soon.

This end of the table is my day job.
Quotations to enter for our work for Fletchers.

In case you were wondering about what Miss Annie is doing,
she has another cold and one thousand insect bites
(this is because the water/sewage system in Christchurch is broken
and there is water lying about everywhere and hence millions of insects)

Slight diversion here....
Does anyone have a natural remedy to prevent bites??
This is going to be a looooong summer of insects and I don't want to put chemicals on her.

She's watching Dora and babysitting the kittens and just resting.
Sweet baby, I do love her.

So that's whats on my creative space,
the ironing in the background which now comes up to the sofa
is not on my list haha.

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not just people with messy dining tables!!


  1. I laughed out loud when I read "Let's break it down shall we?" All seems bearable when we break it down.

    Poor little girl. Awww. That takes away my laugh and brings a tear to my eye. Poor little lamb. I have no idea on how to prevent insect bites. Other than staying inside I don't think there is much you can do. I think bugs just go after some people. I get eaten alive but my son rarely gets a nibble. I do know that lavender cream works for the itchiness. xo to her.

  2. You are so busy, work, work, work!

    I have a few ideas about the bites-garlic tablets are supposed to help, not eating bananas does help (darn it). Off makes a clip on personal bug repeller, I've used it both clipped onto my clothes or my gardening bucket-seems to work fairly well. We put them around when we are sitting on the grass and it seems to help even though you aren't wearing it. Takes batteries though. A box fan (well any fan) will help keep the bugs down as well, at least if it is blowing across you. (Missouri is basically a swamp, we have lots of bugs that bite!)

    Good luck with finishing all those projects!

  3. I cant believe the amount of quilts you have on the go?!
    and you are actually attempting finishing them this year!

    The stuff is piling up at my place too! I have a good suggestion that works for me when I get overwhelmed-ish. I take the thing that is creatively stopping/bugging me and go to a friends house for the day and finish it! Works for me (not that you even asked), :)

  4. LOL, I used to have a creative space that looked like that. We've moved house and the space just cannot spread out like it used to (the spare room is looking a bit like a bomb though). I've still got the ironing board as a permanant decoration in the lounge - a feature that was in the old house as well (funny how it seems to never feature on my creative space) ;).
    Re the insect bites - I live in Queensland, and we have problems 10 months of the year with midgies and mozzies. There are lots of natural remedy creams you can buy (Walkabout Insect repellent by Thursday Plantation is one I use and love - contains citronella and tea tree oils).
    You'd better get sewing girl - Good luck!

  5. Citronella oil is a natural insect repellant. It would probably be okay to put some essential oil in a diffuser with some oil - even on her clothes would probably help.


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