Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slow down, summer is coming!

It's that time of the year when there is lots of projects to finish up
but the world is filled with new possibilities.
Like this book which I can't wait to try with the children in the holidays.

Going to Playcentre is awesome.
Spending time with your kidlet and others all doing stuff we love
in my case, always lots of cooking!

Reuben is feeling it too.
This is what one whole end of our dining table looked like all week
at least one masterpiece has come from it.

I did try one thing new this week.
I finally made a journal for Chrissy who is leaving for Sydney
for a month on Friday.

It was easy and fun and I'll try and show you the finished product sometime.

It's also the time of the year when I value neatness.
My current method is to throw things into tins (as you know)
But it really suits me and mine
and I can always find what I want.

Plus I think it looks attractive!!

Here's a vintage tea trolley I got from the Sally Army
it's in our spare room/sewing room (which is tiny)
and look how much neater it looks with all the tins of things on it!
rather than thrown in the corner in a heap like before :)

Yes I'm starting to feel like I'm getting organised.
I sewed a simple quilt top for my neighbour Daniel yesterday 
and hoping to sew another late this afternoon (fingers crossed)

And a funny story to finish,
I've been giving Chrissy driving lessons
and miss Annie in the back puts her hands over her eyes
saying things like "it's coming it's coming" 
or "here it comes"

Driving lessons always make me text my mum I love her!!
Oh well in another 16 years I'll be doing the same with Annie [sigh]

Righto I'm off for a shower,
see you later folks, hope you have a great Sunday too xxx

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  1. That dye book looks very interesting, can't wait to see what you make out of it. My own mother was a terrible driver instructor. She could not handle me going over 40, *rolls eyes, it’s good to see that your more enthusiastic!


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