Monday, November 14, 2011

Tutorial to sew a perfect circle for your Dresden Plate [or anything else]

You need: a few plates in different sizes
a pen
fabric for your circle
some thin fabric (I used the thin bit of the centre of a sheet)

Try out your plates until you find one that fits nicely over the centre of your dresden.

Draw around the plate on the thin fabric.

Put your thin fabric and the circle fabric right sides together 
and sew around the line you drew.
Trim around the circle.

Pull out the thin fabric from the circle fabric and make a cut.

Turn the circle right side out and roll the edges with your fingers to make it lie flat.

Press (I haven't here) and your circle is ready to be sewn down.
I have to say this is not my original idea, 
I think someone told me how to do this,
but I love the fact the circles turn out so good.

I'm hoping to have a good catch up this week.
I've cut all my petals and I plan on sewing all the points this week.

How are you going with yours??
Pop over to the Old Red Barn Co Flickr page and join in the fun.

Sorry my pictures are slightly wobbly this morning,
but I just wanted to get this post up and running!!


  1. Niffty trick! You are aways so busy making lovely things.

  2. Grrr....I needed this trick a few days ago. I am Pinning this for a reminder for the next time I make circles.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this quilt along - I am so happy to know how to make dresdens!! And you made it all seem so do-able :)


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