Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend snapshots...

There was a bit of stitching...

I'm making a picnic rug out of vintage teatowels a la Frankie
and spend quite a bit of happy time hand quilting.

I've got into the habit of foraging flowers lately
and couldn't resist this lilac from a largely abandoned garden.

More stitching

Cute children playing

Made a delicious and ridiculously simple meatloaf from this book.

How did your weekend go??


  1. Your handstitching is gorgeous. :0)
    Your recipe sounds delicious. It's those simple ones that seem to taste the best. :0)
    And your children are simply adorable.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs. Trish

  2. cute children playing on the most amazong looking quilt!

  3. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. We had a productive weekend gardening, washing the car, cleaning out the garage, doing loads of washing and housework... We even managed a trip to the dump and an impromptu trip to the beach, icecreams and a swimming lesson.

  4. Hi Deb!
    Was great to meet you yesterday!
    I love the sytle of these beautiful pix!! That cookbook is one I've been wanting to check out.I could do with a good meatloaf recipe!
    Really impressed with your quilt a couple of posts back-what a feat of skill and patience!!! :)


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