Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best day ever....

Yesterday was Jo and Tahu's wedding.
It was amazing!!
We came home with 182 photos on our camera, plus more on our phones!!!
I'm going to post my favourites here from the day...

This is the two James! This is my dad James and my son James.
Don't they look so stylish??

Reuben looks upset in this picture because when we walked in,
he saw a lot of people in suits and thought he was not dressed properly.
Poor Reuben. Of course he looked great and once we got to the actual venue
he could was fine. Anyway this is the only one of the six of us together.

Me and my big boy.
He did look so stylish in a suit, my word!

This photo is so cute. Straight after the bride came in
Chrissy did her reading. See how the flower girls have teddies matching their outfits??

This is Eva and Jeremy, my brother and his fiance, and David and I
Jeremy and Eva are getting married in Melbourne in December.
Two weddings in one year... fun fun fun!!!!!

Here is Reuben looking after his little sister. 
They looked so cute cuddled up in this chair.
After the wedding, we had afternoon tea. The jars of punch went down a treat.

The siblings picture: Me Jeremy, Jo, Tahu and Sharyn.
Ooooooh! so nice.

The Parent's Picture, my mum is the gorgeous lady in the purple top.
She looked so amazing, I was so proud she is my mum
(well and Jeremy, Sharyn and Jo's too)

The cuties playing together. Who knew a bottle of water and a cup was all they needed??

I really like this photo. I'm going to frame it to remind myself they aren't always at war!!!

Reuben and his new found buddy Eva. He loved her so much.

These two loved running about with the balloons.
I'm not sure what the balloons were for but they looked cute.
I'm sure there was still a bag of them at the end!
Jo has such attention to detail. I could go on and on about it.
These are the wedding favours to take home.
Inside the bag homemade heart shaped chocolates.
Each bag had a different saying about love on it.
It was amazing amazing amazing.
And I loved every moment of it, honestly it could not have been better.


  1. Awe I love weddings, you all look lovely.

    We were chatting about a return visit to NZ to visit all the places we missed out on, we will def go back to christchurch though, so watch out!!

    Maybe in a couple of years though :(

  2. The wedding looks SO gorgeous!!
    And the photos of you guys are brilliant - I love your outfit!x

  3. You look gorgeous. LOVE the dress!

  4. looks like such a fun wedding! and you and your little family all look lovely. :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful day.
    Love your outfit! Gorgeous!

  6. wow you all look so lovely!
    love the pics they are awesome. and your new blonde locks pfffftwhoooo (my attempt at a keyboard wolf whistle) SMOKIN!


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