Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Christmas that friends built....

First there was a beautiful doll by the wonderful Dee,
who whipped this up in response to an SOS from me who left my run a bit late.
Nana gave this to Annie (I always help Nana with her gifts)
and she is adorable. So beautifully made.
I might see if she can get a friend for her birthday.

Then there was the Christmas Elf from Big Little.
I actually have to confess I brought her and couldn't part with her.

I did share her a bit, but she is mine.
I love her. She's staying around all the year, not just Christmas!!!

And last of all there was another Princess in disguise
for the present I put together for Annie.
That one deserves a whole blog post of it's own
but all in all I was so happy with my purchases.

The last couple of years I made most of our gifts,
but this year I didn't have it in me so I decided to give gifts that others made
or that were meaningful in some way.

It worked out great.


  1. love all these beautiful handmade treasures!! :)

  2. So Pretty! Can't wait to see how your present turned out! ;) x

  3. Hi Deb, So glad you love your Christmas Pixie! I love that you can't part with her... Lisa xx


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