Friday, January 6, 2012

A Dr Suess Quilt for David using my Everyday Quilt Pattern

While we were on camping, one evening the light was perfect
(which means it wasn't raining at the time haha)
so I popped David's quilt over the clothesline and took some pictures....

I brought this as a fat quarter bundle from Shiree in Twizel
and I added a few bits from my friend Karen and a couple of other fat quarters.
I really love how all the colours zing together.

I used my Everyday quilt pattern, because I don't like cutting fabrics
with detailed pictures like this into too smaller pieces and losing the pictures
and also because I love the way it looks kinda rumpled over someone's knees.

Quilted again by Shenleigh, with a soft thrifted flannelette sheet on the back
it's a really snuggly quilt.
When I began to make it, I imagined David and the children
snuggled under it reading their bedtime stories.

I ran out of fabric for the binding, 
but I sent an SOS to Kirsty at Sew Pretty (link on my sidebar)
and she sent me just the right amount for me to finish it.
Actually I don't think I've paid her yet, oops.

I really like the way you can read the writing on the binding.
Hmm don't look too closely though, I may have wobbled on the stitching there
sewing down the binding!!

These little guys are so funny aren't they!

This is my penguin shot for Little Island Quilting
you'll have to pop over there to see what I mean!

There may have been a water fight just before these pictures were taken!!
So nice when they play nicely together :)

David loved his quilt, I'm pretty sure he's going to enjoy snuggling under it next winter.


  1. It turned out really cute! I love that fabric collection. Dr. Seuss is my favorite author!

  2. Gorgeous quilt! Love your everyday pattern. Has a parcel arrived for you yet?

  3. Deb, so glad to see you all enjoying yourselves by the photos in this post and your previous one. I pray you all have a more joyful year with less rumbling.

    blessings, jilly

  4. So vibrant. So cheery. Utterly wonderful.

    (& I do hope you managed to get a little sleep last night)

  5. Thing one and Thing two! Love Dr Zeus, he story's are the best!

  6. Hahaha. Well penguins are from the southern hemisphere anyway!


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