Monday, January 16, 2012

I wrote a cool post but I lost it so here's some pictures of thrifty finds instead....

I've discovered that suitcases are so much better when you go away
than overnight bags so I wanted two more, one for David and one for Annie. These are perfect.
Doesn't do any harm that they are pretty to look at!!

After seeing Johnson Brother's plates on so many Australian blogs
I've started to look out for them. I got three of these beauties. 
In New Zealand Crown Lynn is more collectable,
so these are pretty cheap.

Another wee dog for our growing collection.
Why I ask? I don't know but I keep finding them!!

An old painting to put in my bathroom.

A couple of wee tins to put things in for Annie.

And two of these sheets, very worn in the middle but nice around the edges.
I'm going to make some pillow cases I think from these, or maybe cushions.

I put all the Christmas decorations away today (I'd popped them in the spare/sewing room)
so hopefully there will be some sewing on the blog soon....
we'll see!


  1. oh gorgeous suitcases.. and the sheet.... and those plates are so familiar looking, trying to remember who had them in our family??
    Great thrifty finds Deb!!

  2. You've done very well lately , it really is so much fun isn't it!


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