Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Just Juice kinda summer...

Seriously though, I really want to suck every bit of enjoyment out of this summer.
This weekend we've been out for coffee, been to the kite festival, caught up with friends last night
been to church, McDonalds, had friends for afternoon tea and just about to have
more friends for dinner. Sometimes you just got to don't you!!

Recently a parcel mysteriously appeared on my doorstep
I presume the "blogger-review" fairies dropped it there.
It was these Just Juice cartoons.

Let me tell you they are delicious, our favourite was the
Summer Strawberry & Kiwifruit
It was so yummy - summer in a glass.

They make wonderful mixers with say Lemonade
or whatever you want with tonic or soda water.

The other day Annie and Archie were reaching melt-down just before dinner.
So I popped them at the table and lit a couple of candles
and gave them juice in wine glasses while we quickly fried a couple of eggs
and made some toast for them.

They were so happy and they felt so special.
I must remember to buy some more juice to save for just such an occasion.

Keep an eye open in the supermarket,
these juices were delicious!!

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  1. LOL - love the look on Archie's face.
    I have moved to winter, so I am doing my best to suck the best things from it.


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