Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A quilt for Jeremy and Eva

James went to stay in Melbourne with my bro and his fiance for Christmas.
A few days before he went, he came out and said he wanted a really nice present for them
and could I make a quilt!

I used the last few blocks from the Epic
and some lovely co-ordinating fabric in my stash.
It's actually turned out lovely.
It was 5 x 5 12" blocks.
The night before he left we threw it in the car on another errand and took some pictures.
These were taken by one of the badly damaged high schools in Christchurch.
We drove around the red zone on our errand.
The red means the houses are coming down and the land won't be rebuilt on.
The man we went to visit told us 800 houses (including his)
in his neighbourhood were going.

Because it's not that cold in Melbourne, I didn't put backing in,
just backed it with Polar fleece and bagged it through
and quilted down each seam of the block.

I actually love how it turned out,
and Jeremy and Eva like it too.


  1. Gorgous quilt. But LOVE the comment "its not that cold in Melbourne"...the rest of Australia thinks Melbourne is REALLY REALLY COLD! Yeah I get it, it doesnt snow, but tell that to the Queenslanders! Happy quilting Sue SA. PS I am super impressed that you made a quilt in record time, that is true dedication!

  2. This has worked really well. The large blocks of fabric are perfect. Great colours.

  3. Stunning Deb. I am always jealous of your quilts!

  4. What do you mean its not that cold in Melbourne??? It's f'n freezing there! The last time I was there I spent the entire time chattering my teeth.

  5. Um,
    Just a slight correction, Eva and Jeremy don't like it they love it...........ooohh yea.......we love it...
    Eva and Jeremy


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