Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why hello 2012, what do you have for us??

The school holidays have another couple of weeks to run
but David and James go back to work today (I'm working today too)
Chrissy works funny hours and she is already back.
It feels a bit weird to be a household with four working people,
a primary school child and a two year old. Ok yes that is odd, haha.
I know I'm slow off the mark, but I'm ready to work out a few desires for 2012.
We've had such a great holiday and somehow we are feeling much more ready
to face what the year brings, which is awesome.
It's a long time since we've had such a good break
and it really makes a difference for which we are very thankful.

For the rest of this summer I want to focus on cooking healthy fresh food,
and continue introducing new tastes to the younger children.
I want to pick flowers to have on the table and eat outside as often as possible.

It possible that Fletchers will be fixing our house this year
(well everyone in Christchurch hopes that lol)
so I want to gradually go through all the cupboards and drawers and dark corners
to throw out, give away and just tidy the stuff lurking in there,
so that when we have to empty the house for repairs, it's not such a drama.

I want to print out photos from the last, um 5 years (oops) and put them in albums.
How did I let this get so far behind??? sigh

I want to finish quilts I've started.... my flying geese quilt, the quilt from Amanda's last quilt along,
a quilt for Liz, a quilt for Sharyn, a quilt for Hazel, a quilt from charm squares,
a quilt for James and a couple of others languishing about there.
I also want to make a quilt for Jeremy and Eva's wedding (they want red, 
in the same pattern as Johns)

I want to do Playcentre Course 4, get some more exercise,
grow more herbs and drink more water.
I want to finish knitting Annie a cardy for the winter,
watch more movies and just take more time to smell the flowers.

We have a few plans for this year (apart from just keeping the household running)
We celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in June
and my brother gets married in December (we're going to Melbourne for this)

In the next few weeks my friend Kate and I are launching our own Etsy shop
selling vintage fabrics, patterns and kits.
We are super excited about this and hope you will be too.


  1. Good luck with your plans for 2012 especially yout Etsy shop.
    Anne xx

  2. How Exiting! I hope you have a fantastic year! xo

  3. Good luck with your plans.... looking forward to seeing Annie's winter cardi :) xx

  4. I am excited about your Etsy shop! :-)


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