Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why is it called a hen's night??

I don't know, but we had fun, so much fun.
We met at Kaikoura in a beautiful cottage.

We played games. This one was with trains and carriages and maps.
I had to make a track from Chicago to Portland. I loved it.

I don't know what it was called but it was great, and I want to own it!!

Here is the bride to be, enjoying herself. Probably because she is winning, haha.

Here is Eva, who will be a bride in December. Isn't she lovely?

Here is Shaz, concentrating. She is probably cheating, eh Shaz!!

It's so pretty, if a little mysterious!!

We ate garlic bread, and crayfish cooked in butter and garlic.
So so delicious.

We talked and laughed and played and discussed.

We soaked up the peace and the beauty.

We tried on each other's jewelry and clothes.

This is the lovely Lily, tall and beautiful and full of poise.

The cottage was full of beautiful touches, like Christmas decorations
hanging off the chandeliers. 

And beautiful original fittings.

A cottage that keeps its secrets. My it was fun.
We'll have to do it again next year :)


  1. From Chicago to Portland?? Did you put a bird on it once it got there? ;)

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend! The game is called Ticket to Ride - and it is great! You can get it from the Game Gate, Mighty Ape or Seriously Board online or you might find it in your local toystore like ToyWorld. Welcome to the world of awesome boardgames! That cottage looks divine and bliss...

  3. Women need each other. We do. I am glad you have your small tribe. :-)

  4. It looks and sounds like a wonderful time!

  5. Ticket to ride - apparently the europe one is the best one so my husband says, he just brought it for himself after christmas and got it from whitcoulls, but you might want to wait until there is a sale on games otherwise it is $100 not on sale

  6. I thought about buying that game for my husband for Christmas, but I wasn't sure it would be fun. Now I wish I had! We have another train game called Empire Builder (we call it 'rails') that we really enjoy where you carry cargo from place to place and use crayon to mark your route. And we got another whole-family game called Quirkle, that is totally fun for everyone from 4 on up. We love games around here!

  7. Ticket to ride is available in US and Europe versions and yes sadly like mentioned earlier they retail at about $100, but oh so worth every penny


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