Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conquering my zipper phobia....

I signed up recently for a scrap bag swap with the lovely Nin from the Wardrobe
and I decided I would make a zippered pouch,
I've been trying to conquer my fear of the dreaded zip.

I feel a lot better this week and can face the sewing machine and the to-do pile again.
I had a go at two ways, one completely finishing it and then sewing the bag on
like the japanese style bag and one sewing the zip on to the outer
 and then sewing the lining in.

I really like how they turn out, even though they are a little bit wonky
but I think I like the japanese way the best.
Maybe if I had a slightly longer zip and sewed a wee piece on the end so you could hold it.

 I used some of my favourite scraps on these and I hope my partner likes it.
Now I get to stuff it full of scraps and post it away.

On my one I put my a scrap of my favourite vintage sheet.
It's been two quilt backs and I still have a few pieces left.

Thanks for all the awesome feedback on My Place and Yours,
I've had a horrible time with the linky which seems to not be working
but I'm going to try and sort it tonight.

I thought no one had come to play until Jackie told me it wasn't working.
Nothing like running something like that to make all my insecurities crawl out of the woodwork!!

Isn't this fabric so lovely?

This is the lovely lovely bag made for me by my partner Louana at NZ Green Buttons.
I love it (and the lovely scraps it held) and have decided to keep my hand sewing bits in it.

Do pop over to visit Nin, she has a lot of great tutorials at the moment
using scraps. I have a lot of scraps!!


  1. They look amazing Deb! Well done. Now there'll be no stopping you.

  2. Zips (cringe) I know how you feel, but the satisfaction when you finally get it a-ma-zing!

  3. what a beautiful job you've done! lucky swap partner!

  4. What fun! I used to do zippers and have become terrified of them. Time to get brave...

  5. Great bags! Love all those juicy pinks and oranges and yellows together. I hope you feel confident with a zipper now - its a good skill to have. Louana's bag looks awesome also - maybe next time we do Addington Coffee Co-op you'll have to show and tell!!

  6. Your zippers look fantastic!
    Your partner is going to love them

  7. Your zip bags are great - love the addition of the doiley


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