Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello and Welcome to My Place and Yours!!

I'm super excited to have you all here at my place,
thanks so much to Vic for letting me have her precious meme!!

I thought we should have a cup of tea just to get to know one another,
what do you think?? 
So this week let's see what your favourite cup is... a thrifted Johnson's beauty

Or Grandma's precious fine bone china.
I don't have any Grandma china, but I do have this Alfred Meakin thrifty find!

Maybe a precious cup gifted by a friend and your teapot in it's cosy cover!

Fancy coffee or dirty old instant, who cares!

As long as the company is good, it really doesn't matter.
So pull up a chair and join in the fun.

Take some pictures at your place, post them on your blog
and come back and link here.
It doesn't have to be today, the link is open all week.

Thanks for coming, it's lovely to have you here!!


  1. I just adore that orange, yellow & grey number. MPAY will be happy with you Deb, enjoy it! xx

  2. So happy to see MPAY has such a new, lovely home. Will definitely be joining in the fun!

  3. How nice your are now hosting MPAY. Love your duck cups and saucers, I think Mum had a plate like them when we were little. x

  4. Thanks for hosting Deb!

    I have joined here -

  5. Crumbs I think I have joined up!!!!! Sorry first time user and a bit hopeless! Have joined up here

    Looking forward to it

  6. I am hopeless too. I think I joined this morning. Lol. I guess time will tell. How do you look at everyone's posts?

  7. I have joined here-

  8. Always lovely to have a cuppa with you Deb :)

  9. Lovely to be here Deb, thanks for adopting MP&Y's :)

  10. Good to see a new home for MPAY.

  11. My place isn't quite ready for company, as I am still unpacking. But I will certainly be back to visit. Will this be a weekly visit??

    blessings, jilly


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