Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In my kitchen...

I'm loving cooking at the moment.
I've been making some easy meals but ones that are delicious!
I made this and we loved it, will definitely make it again.

Today I boiled some brought fresh totorlini,
and made two sauces, one yoghurt with some garlic
and one some fresh tomatoes cut up and cooked in lots of olive oil
and salt and pepper. It was delicious and so so quick.

It makes me smile that the geranium flower that Annie picked for me
is growing roots in the vase, spot the new wee leaves.

Tomorrow night we are going to have brought fish cakes
and a lemon, garlic potato dish from my Leon book.
oh and a beetroot and carrot dish also from the leon book.
I have all three Leon books, have I mentioned how much I love them??

I like the way I have some bits and pieces in my kitchen that make me smile
while I work away in there.

I've been doing some reorganization and de-cluttering.
(Bearing in mind that Fletchers could ring at any time to start the extensive repairs to our house)
Each week I get rid of several bags of outgrown clothes,
baby gear etc that we don't need. It's a great feeling.
I snapped this picture of the girls working together tonight,
so cute to see the concentration on Annie's face!!

It's a busy hub my kitchen, and that's the way I like it.


  1. love getting to peak into other people's homes. The kitchen is where we are spending the majority of our time lately too. Something to comforting about it.

  2. Maybe it is the change of season that is sending us into the kitchen? The cooler days are making it much easier to cook,

  3. Kitchens are 'homely' they oozzee LOVE and yours is just lovely


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