Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My creative space...From the archives!

Seeing as I don't have a lot of productivity to show on the blog at the moment
I thought I'd show some quilts from the archives!!

I made this quilt for Liz (pictured) and even though she has about 10 quilts
I've made for her, it's still her favourite!!

It has faded a lot now but it started off pretty bright, 
so that's ok!!
I made this for a baby that one of our employees had a few years ago.
I made so many baby quilts from these fabrics,
I must have brought a lot and then it went on and on,
I think some of them ended up in the epic quilt.

I used to do A LOT of red work type embroidery,
especially before I had my hip replaced when I used to hobble about on crutches.
This was for my friend Shenleigh.

Those embroideries took forever and those little squares nearly killed me,
also this thing will NEVER lie flat,
but it's been skillfully quilted and it's ok!!
Shenleigh still likes it anyway :)
This wee collection were Christmas presents I think,
I love quilts hanging on the line.
I suspect I made James stand on the office roof to take this!
And last one, this is a bit of an odd colour combination
but it's a nice snuggly quilt. I think we put wool in this one
and mum gave it to her friend I think!!

It is nice to look back at some of the quilts,
I've made a lot over the years. I'm glad I blog or I'd never remember them!!

I'm currently working away at some bee blocks
(geese in a ring) that are almost killing me.
They are also almost a month late :(
I hate letting people down and I had lots of time to do them.
To be honest I under-estimated how jolly hard they would be
and also how difficult we would find February.
Thank God it's March 1 today.

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  1. What beautiful beautiful quilts
    My favourite one is what looks like possibly a mens shirt quilt hanging far right on the clothes line
    You're a talented lady Deb

  2. wow! i love the one with the red work embroidery. i wonder how many quilts you've made in total?!

  3. The one with the red work is my fav. So gorgeous! xx

  4. What a talented quilter you are. I love them.

  5. Deb you really are an amazing lady! What a fantastic collection of quilts you have lovingly constructed over the years. Now I'm wondering exactly what one has to do to become the caretaker of one of your creations.

  6. Such beautiful quilts, my favorite is the "odd color combo" quilt. I love the red and yellow together!

    One more thing...OMG!!! you had your hip replaced????????? When?? Before you started blogging? We spring chickens shouldn't be going through stuff like that;-)

    blessings, jilly

  7. I never, ever get tired of looking at your quilts. Everyone is marvellous!

  8. Gorgeous quilts Deb. It really is an addiction isn't it?


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